Function of heat pumps


Why pay for energy when environmental energy is absolutely free? 

Manrho & Rose Geothermal Heat Pumps

Underfloor Heating

 Function of the heat pumps



The heat pump – utilises the solar energy that exists in abundance.



Solar energy ist stored in the ground, air and water. With the help of the heat pump this natural heat is absorbed and transferred to a CFC free refrigerant. The latter evaporises, is mechanically compressed and again fluidized through the heat release of the heating system. This principle is identical to the mechanics of a fridge and functions in both heating and cooling modes.

The advantages are:

  • Low heating costs

  • Nearly no maintenance


  • easy and cost-efficient installation

  • Co2 emission has been drastically reduced



Tax breaks/tax relief for heat pump programs will renumerate your decision for this environmentally friendly heating system.



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